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Total Landed Cost Assessment” (TLCA) – achieving the lowest cost end-to-end product solution by balancing between onshoring, offshoring, and reshoring within the context of a clients’ Global Marketing & Product Support Strategies.


National Circuit Assembly and 4GM Global Partners have combined forces to offer TLCA based one-stop solutions for your design, manufacturing, and staffing needs. Our Dallas, TX facilities are ideally suited to analyze your total landed cost objectives and match global sourcing solutions to your customers geography, and adjust those solutions as your volume rises and


falls over the natural product lifecycle.  Our design expertise covers mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, systems integration and test, component qualification, failure mode analysis, and repair. We provide a comprehensive array of turn-key services that span the entire product lifecycle, from design to build, field service, and obsolescence. The TLCA approach assures that all component, design, sourcing, logistics, and services decisions are made to keep operations and aftermarket services running smoothly and profitably.


Our services include;

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NCA’s manufacturing facilities are expertly staffed with dedicated employees experienced in both low-volume/high-mix and high-volume/low-mix production in various global locations. Our products range from sub-assemblies to complex top-level assemblies.

We proudly serve several many complex and demanding markets such as Aerospace/Defense, Telecommunications, and Medical, as well as emerging Energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Cleantech sectors.


To schedule a free initial TLCA study & submit an RFQ, please contact:

Moe G. Maghami at

Mark Cottam  at

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