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Our Executive Team and Affiliates

Our Executive Team has broad experience in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Commercial Operations, Supply Chain, and Business Process Management for start-up, small, medium, and large companies in North America, CALA, the EU, MEA, and Asia. We specialize in developing and implementing strategically linked operating initiatives.

  • Experienced
  • Talented
  • Global Insight
  • Diverse Backgrounds
  • Savvy

Each member of the management team brings complementary strengths to 4GM Capital, creating a core group of expertise and ability that most organizations seek to obtain. Working together around the world and in diverse business settings has allowed the team to learn what actions and decisions create successful businesses. Let us put those valuable experiences to work for you!


The Cleanaire D2000 is ideal for purifying molds, bacteria, and odor from ambient air. 4GMCapital is selling units at largely discounted rates in order to benefit victims of the Hurrican Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Cleanaire D2000 help for Hurrican Harvey